Seagate Government Solutions'
GEOINT 2017 Symposium
Breakfast Presentation



Join us on Tuesday, June 6, to learn the latest data security solutions and network with industry leaders. The first 200 attendees to register and attend will receive a Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive after the presentations.

Where / When:

Master of Ceremonies:

  • Dave Kier, previous Deputy Director of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and the Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (SPACE)

Discussion Topics / Speakers:

Lockheed Martin

DC-MLS™ - Improving Analyst Decision Capability While Reducing Ground Infrastructure
Clark R. VanBuskirk, Director, MS3 Space Ground Solutions

Lockheed Martin will discuss how Data Centric Multi-Level Secure (DC-MLS™) delivers a trusted and proven cross domain infrastructure that provides:

  • Data labeled from inception to deletion at the individual file level and protected with enhanced cyber security controls
  • Reduced time from sensor to analyst to field while eliminating the need for iterative ground structure
  • Collected data from all sources available in a single environment and readily accessible to analysts for real time mission tasking and evaluation, modeling and simulation, analysis, and control - from any computer desktop environment


Distributed Memory Clusters with Multi-Level Security (MLS) Policy Applied – Cray’s Role and Successes
Steven Lyness, Vice President, Cluster Solutions Architecture

Cray will discuss their role in working with Lockheed Martin to get the Red Hat Operating System certified with SELinux in enforcing mode with MLS policy applied for the first time on distributed memory cluster systems. In addition, Cray will discuss their successes selling their CS400 HPC cluster solution with MLS implemented to customers that require this capability.

HPE Federal

DC-MLS: The Key to Sensitive Complex Infrastructure Management
Robert C. E. Miller, Hewlett Packard Account General Manager, Lockheed Martin and United Launch Alliance

The criticality of information security – whether operational security, protection of trade secrets, or classified data – has been a barrier to accessing the growing pool of operational data. Multi-Level Security offers a revolutionary enabling technology which will enable management of complex infrastructure without compromising information security.


Non-Traditional Use Cases for Multi-Level Security
Keith E. Johnson, CTO, Defense & Intelligence Solutions

Leidos will present a number of use cases that demonstrate the unique and robust benefits of Multi-Level Security (MLS) on HPC, including secure collaboration, accelerating time to discovery and improved utilization of strategic IT investments. These use cases also represent a significant, broad-based demand for MLS capabilities. This demand will help hasten the maturation of the MLS Ecosystem.

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